ECHTZEITLICHT is:  performance, is painting, is collage, is a “room of light,” and image, ist construction and destruction, in order to build again, is movement and: projection.

ECHTZEITLICHT is:    only now, in this moment, transient, in order to always be able to recreate itself.

ECHTZEITLICHT   meshes with sounds, with words, with spaces, with surfaces, with human beings, and in the ideal case a complex, temporary, multi-media, place-specific ensemble results.

ECHTZEITLICHT is:    hand - made

ECHTZEITLICHT is:    Claudia Reh

„I have worked for several years with different overhead projectors, including high end-machines with 12,000 lumens that allow entire buildings to become canvasses. The central idea is always the analog, hands-on process of creating the images on the stage of the projector. The results are large-surface, artistic, illustrated performances and installations on buildings, their interiors and in newly created ‘rooms of light.’”

ECHTZEITLICHT         leaves behind no traces, except in the mind.

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